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AOPA has taken steps to ensure that their airport information isn't easily accessed (even by members), so now I only provide links to AirNav information.

Rand McNally was great for driving directions but they (again!) changed their interface so now I'm using Google. It's much simpler.

Address to position lookup provided by Rand McNally. Pet-friendly bed and breakfasts and inns information provided by Pet-friendly lodging information provided by Petswelcome.

Pet-friendly geographically-oriented hotel information provided by Yahoo! Travel. It's a front end to Travelocity, providing lookups based on distance from an address. Way cool, but note that it uses sessions. (Why?!) That means that if you pull up the list of hotels and then walk away for awhile, the list is next to useless when you return. (They don't handle this condition well.) Fortunately, you can just return to this page and select the link again to refresh it. This service was disabled due to a (stupid) programming change around 2004-02-19. I have since created my own interface to Travelocity so that it works again but it's not perfect.

Landing facility data provided by the FAA. Area map generated through TIGER (U.S. Census Bureau). Routes display (with fuel stops) by AirNav. Aerial images and topographic maps by ACME Mapper ("[AM]").

Some of you have noticed that I don't use AeroPlanner anymore. I loved their service and I think it's still so good that I'd be willing to pay for it, but their insistance on using cookies (instead of standard authentication) drives me a little nuts. (I want my wife to be able to use it safely.) I've considered writing an interface to it to bypass the cookies, but I've been a little too busy.

I built this for my personal use because it seemed like I was spending way too much effort looking for all of this information any time we wanted to travel somewhere. You're welcome to use it/link to it. I'd appreciate pointers to other resources that would be appropriate to integrate into it. (I'm looking for geographically-oriented rental car availability data.)

Check the (driving) directions for each airport. The geographically closest airport is often not the shortest drive. (I'd have my program check this, but it would make it much slower.)

Public-use airports are denoted by strong text.

Don't trust the (target to airport) mileage that I display. I use a terribly simple algorithm to compute it.

I use GET (not POST) for everything I do, so you should be able to easily bookmark results. You could even use the URLs in your own pages.